Areas of Concentration


Investors, whose needs are otherwise underserved [in the $1MM to $10MM range], entrust Venture Equity Partners with developing the strategic vision for the sale, lease, or purchase of assets to enhance their portfolios. With an astute understanding as a marketer and operator, and a deep appreciation for real estate investment fundamentals, VEP addresses specific objectives from risk sensitivity to time horizon appetite for returns. We pay close attention to market due diligence to uniquely and effectively position our clients for success. Our approach is relationship-based. VEP partners with clients to offer support, guidance, and facilitation following a transaction, with forward-thinking and continued wealth creation. Our methodology employs diversification of risk and the assembly of coterie of small, distinct investments.


With an understanding of our clients’ financial objectives, risk appetite, and ROI horizon, we deploy our resources of market intelligence and research to inform our strategic recommendations.  We are detail-oriented in each transaction we consider while retaining a big picture perspective, all while focusing on wealth creation for our clients.  Our expertise in the real estate market, specifically in complex and creative negotiations, our financial astuteness, and our marketing innovation enable us to pursue effective investment recommendations that synch with our clients’ needs and aspirations.  We excel where others fail or give up; we design and pursue pathways to success that often leverage creative partnerships and unconventional breakthroughs to build the portfolios of our clients.  Our interest is in optimizing our client’s best interest.


Venture Equity Partners provides a multi-pronged value-adding refresh to our high net worth clients’ investment real estate portfolios.  Following a study of a subject asset and its market specifics, we seek to realize its yet untapped potential.  Our knowledge, expertise, and out-of-the box thinking enable us to not only present new perspectives on reinvigorating properties but also in laying the groundwork for execution.  Our process includes innovatively maximizing cash flow, minimizing vacancy rates and risk, while diversifying income streams.  We accomplish this with the help of a diverse team of experts. In addition, we offer real estate asset management support services through the lifetime of our portfolio agreement to facilitate wealth creation for our clients.  We provide our clients with confidence, comfort, ease, and satisfaction with the returns on their investments.


Venture Equity Partners’ mission is to serve real estate investors and individuals with the intent of growing and developing their real estate portfolios. We are a fully integrated real estate firm providing a platform to support and represent individuals and investors locally and abroad.

Our ability to seamlessly support, market, enhance, and operate within multiple markets and asset classes allows us to outperform our competition and provide more accurate intelligence to our clients.

Our Team


An expert in strategic investing, acquisitions and marketing of real estate assets, with strengths in both vertical and land development in urban and tertiary markets. Creates wealth for clients and partners where others fail or give up. A master of perseverance, innovative problem solving, and influence in earning the trust of diverse clients and partners. Possesses skills of ambitious vision and successful execution. Consistently and deliberately attends to both details and the overall project plan. Expertly applies coverage from industry media outlets to break barriers and enhance financial performance. Presents opportunities for economic empowerment of individuals and communities. Resilient, flexible, and a quick study in new markets. Entrepreneurially minded.


ElicitTM is an evidence-based consulting firm that delivers integrated consulting to develop and implement customized, actionable, and impactful programs to achieve business growth. With experience in financial services, real estate, strategy, and communications, we analyze prospective ventures and develop persuasive pitch books, replete with market and competitive landscape analyses and financial modeling.  Further, we facilitate navigation of the financing process to help our clients transform their visions into reality. Our strategically systematic methodology is informed by our interest in listening to and partnering with our clients to help them efficiently achieve their desired growth and access.


Axis2Design is a digital creative agency based in Buffalo, New York, and Los Angeles with clients and projects around the globe. Our team is comprised of designers, visionaries, creatives, strategists, and developers; and is qualified to support print collateral, websites, and digital applications. In collaboration with Venture Equity Partners’ vision and access to exciting projects, Axis2Design has carved out a creative niche within the investor property marketing space by formulating solutions and opportunities within properties and projects across multiple uses. The key to success within the Axis // Venture partnership is successfully finding a common thread among very different properties and allowing them to seamlessly coexist on one marketing platform.

"Investment strategies evolve over time. We concentrate on value added opportunities and fundamentals, always guiding our partners and investors towards transactions with long-term strategies in mind allowing the asset to create a lasting impact on their portfolio."

Noam Newman

Our Work


Portfolio Development Services

Portfolio Development Services

  • Sourcing Opportunities
 (both on and off market)
  • Extensive Market Research / Data Mining
  • Creating New Relationships
  • Deal Structuring  & Valuation
  • Introduction to Financing Channels
  • Forecasting Ownership Lifecycle
  • Underwriting & Due Diligence



  • Development of Client-Focused Marketing
  • Individual Property Branding
  • Centralize Property Marketing Assets Across Data Bases
  • Professional Photography & Floor Plans
  • Design & Value Add Consulting
  • IOS Integration
  • Cross Promote with Brokerage Community and Extensive Client Base

Real Estate Asset Management

Real Estate Asset Management

  • Maintain Healthy Occupancy Levels
  • Interface with Property Managers
  • Perform Audits and Analyses. (Underwriting & Compliance)
  • Reporting to government agencies, financial institutions and investors.
  • Create/Streamline communication system for ongoing investor support.
  • Hiring of Professional Services (as needed). Legal, Accounting, Architectural, Engineering, Expediting.
  • Hiring of General & Specialty Trades (as needed). GC, MEP, Plumbing, Electrical

In the Press

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